Setting Up Demandbase Forms in the ABM Platform



You set up Demandbase Forms by creating a new Forms integration in the ABM Platform and mapping your company's form fields to Demandbase attributes. 

Step-by-Step Guide

1. In the ABM Platform, click the Engagement tab.

2. In the Forms area, click Manage Settings

3. Click the New Integration button.

4. From the Integration Type drop-down menu, click Form.

5. Click Save Changes.

6. Click Edit.

  • Enter your test URL into the Test URL field. You will use this test URL to verify the form is working correctly and returning the correct values. 
  • Add the HTML ID or Name for the user facing Company Field and Email Field.
    • In order for Demandbase to properly connect to a form and start the Email Domain & Company AutoComplete APIs, it needs to know the HTML ID or Name of the user facing email and company fields.
  • Add the HTML ID or Name for the Demandbase specific fields.
  • Once you make all of your changes, click the Update Integration button located on the bottom of the page.


7. Click Submit

  • Design requirements are delivered to an engineer on the Services team who will provision the necessary code for your team to QA the form. 
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