Attribute Selection in DBS (Google Analytics Connector)

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In this article you'll find instructions on how to log in and select or change attributes for your Google Analytics Connector in the Demandbase Setup User Interface. This is one of the prerequisites for Google Analytics implementation.


  1. Log into the ABM Platform with your Demandbase credentials (you should have received an email from with instructions on how to create your password. If you have not been set up as a Demandbase user, contact your Customer Success Manager).
  2. From the ABM Platform home page, click Setup.
  3. In the Analytics Setup area, click Manage Settings.setup_page.png
  4. Click View Integration in the Google connector row.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Provide Demandbase with your UA Property ID as well as the GTM ID used to deploy Demandbase Tag (if any).
  7. Select / Deselect Attributes you want returned in your Google Analytics.
    Note: If you are on Google Analytics Universal, you have a limit of 20 custom dimensions. If you currently do not have any custom dimensions set up, you're able to select 20 Demandbase attributes. However, if some of your custom dimensions are currently in use, this will reduce the amount of Demandbase attributes you can select. Click here, for detailed attribute descriptions and example values.
  8. Provide an index number for each of the attributes to reflect in what order they'll appear in your Google Analytics.
    Note: If you're currently using any custom dimensions, start from next number up (for example, if you have 3 dimensions in use in your GA, start from index number 4). If the order of attributes changes after the implementation is complete, ensure that this change is reflected in Demandbase Setup and inform Demandbase Support (
  9. Click Update Integration.
  10. Notify your Project Manager once the attribute selection is complete.

How to Check if your Attributes Match

To make sure you have the right attributes selected, review this video.

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