Attribute Selection in DBS (Adobe Analytics Connector)

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In this article you'll find instructions on how to log in and select attributes for your Adobe Analytics Connector in the ABM Platform. This is one of the prerequisites for Adobe Analytics implementation.


  1. Log into the ABM Platform with your Demandbase credentials (you should have received an email from with instructions on how to create your password. If you have not been set up as a Demandbase user, contact your Customer Success Manager).
  2. From the ABM Platform home page, click Setup.

  3. In the Analytics Setup area, click Manage Settings.

  4. Click View Integration in the Adobe connector row.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. In the Report Suite field, provide Demandbase with your Report Suite names for both Staging and Production separated by a semicolon (;).

    Select / Deselect Attributes you would like returned in your Adobe Analytics using the checkboxes.

    As a reminder, you have up to 5 eVars available to you, each eVar holding 8 Demandbase attributes, which makes 40 attributes in total. The initial 8 attributes in the first eVar are required and cannot be deselected.

    Demandbase recommends starting with 2 eVars containing a total of 16 attributes (they are pre-selected in the Demandbase Setup); this includes the first eVar group with the required attributes and a second one with additional attributes that are of most interest to you. For detailed attribute descriptions and example values click HERE
     Required attributes in the first eVar Recommended attributes in the
    second eVar
    demandbase_sid state
    >company_name city
    industry country_name
    sub_industry marketing_alias
    employee_range watch_list_account_type
    revenue_range watch_list_account_status
    audience< watch_list_campaign_code
    audience_segment watch_list_account_owner
  7. For each group of 8 selected attributes, provide the eVar number to which these will map in Adobe Analytics. If you select only the required 8 attributes, you need to provide one eVar. If 16 attributes, 2 eVars, and so on.

    If the eVar numbers differ between staging and production, provide both and separate them with a semicolon (for example: eVar1_stag ; eVar1_prod).
  8. Assign an index number to each attribute to reflect the mapping order within its eVar. The index number should always be between 1 and 8.


    The order of attributes within an eVar is very important because this is how Demandbase passes the appropriate data through to your eVars. If the order of attributes within the eVars changes after the implementation is complete, ensure that this change is reflected in Demandbase Setup and inform Demandbase Support ( of these changes.

  9. Click Update Integration.
  10. Notify your Project Manager once the attribute selection is complete.

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