Segment Setup With Account Watch List Condition



Segment conditions control when an experience loads. For certain experiences, you may want to target an audience that isn't already bundled by an existing condition. To target only these companies, an account watch list value can be used as a segment condition.



  1. Navigate to Demandbase Setup (DBS) and create a New Personalization Segment.Screen_Shot_2017-09-14_at_10.59.02_AM.png
  2. Select the Demandbase attribute to be the desired watch list attribute and change the Value accordingly. If the watch list attribute is not available in the dropdown, notify your Customer Success Manager about the customization request.Screen_Shot_2017-09-14_at_11.15.53_AM.png
  3. After you complete segment setup, any experiences created under the segment will load when the account watch list condition is met (utilizing ANY or ALL if there are multiple conditions). Remember to Review & Submit your changes and notify or your Customer Success Manager when you would like to publish them Live.Screen_Shot_2017-09-14_at_11.23.53_AM.png
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