How to Use Firmographic Attributes Within Experiences & Segments

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One way to leverage Site Customization is through firmographic attributes, watch list values and API Data Customizations (for example, company name/marketing alias/employee range). To utilize these attributes in an experience, include the variable name between single curly braces.

Experience Walkthrough

    1. In the ABM Platform, navigate to Site Customization > Engagement. After creating a segment or applying an existing one proceed to Step 2: Create Experience. Using the selector, click an element on the page you wish to customize.

    2. The modify window pops up for you to identify what type of change will be made and what changes you will make to the text. Update the content and explicitly call out the variable name (full list) between single curly braces. Click the Apply button to see the customization take effect.


    3. Notify or your Customer Success Manager that you have made changes to an experience and would like to publish them Live.

      NOTE: Be sure to click Save and Continue and activate the experience before informing support or your CSM that this experience is ready to be pushed live.

Segment Walkthrough

    1. In the ABM Platform, navigate to EngagementSite Customization. Create a new experience or identify an existing experience you wish to make changes to. When setting up the segment, open the Firmographic drop-down to see all of the options.

      Note: Here is the full firmographic attributes list for reference.
    2. If any changes have been made to the API Data Customizations (indicated in this guide), it's important to stay consistent and make sure these attributes are the same in the segments matching value.

    3. API Data Customization for reference.Screen_Shot_2018-12-31_at_7.03.16_PM.png

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