How to Use Firmographic Attributes Within Experiences



One way to leverage site customization is through firmographic attributes and watch list values (e.g. company name/marketing alias). To utilize these attributes, include the variable name between single curly braces.



  1. Navigate to the webpage and use the Demandbase Selector tool to view the ID of the element that you'd like to customize.default_header.png
  2. Return to Demandbase Setup (DBS) and paste the HTML Element ID. Update the content and explicitly call out the variable name (full list) between single curly braces. Click the button to Review & Submit the customization.Screen_Shot_2018-03-01_at_3.10.46_PM.png
  3. Notify or your Customer Success Manager that you have made changes to an experience and would like to publish them Live. Note: If segment conditions are met, the experience will load even if the company is NOT on the watch list (they will see something to the effect of "undefined" in place of the variable). To indicate watch list value as a segment condition, see this article.pushed_live.png
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