Account Based Marketing Automation



The following article is a starting point for implementing your Eloqua instance with Account Based Marketing Automation (ABMA)
Platform Goals:
  • Enrich and optimize your Contact data
  • Identify companies with the highest potential for growth
  • Accelerate the conversion process with Account Scoring
Getting Started:
As you prepare to get started with your ABMA implementation, we want to make sure the following areas are in place:
Step 1: Access and Deploy your Demandbase Tag
Demandbase products require a small amount of unique javascript code, called a tag, to be placed on your website
  • If the Demandbase Tag is already installed on your website, there is no action required on your part
  • If your Demandbase Tag has not been deployed, or if Demandbase has not seen any website traffic data then you are presented with a link to your Demandbase Tag deployment instructions shown in the screenshot below
  • Alternatively, follow these instructions to find your unique Demandbase Tag deployment code
Step 2: Confirm Eloqua Requirements
To assist in completing the platform pre-requisites, the following information will be needed for your organization:
  • Eloqua Administrator with access to Eloqua data fields
  • Eloqua Administrator with access to the Eloqua Cloud App
  • Eloqua Sandbox / Production instances
  • Confirm minimum software requirement – Eloqua 10
Step 3: Complete Eloqua ABMA Implementation
Eloqua ABMA implementations are completed via a secure oAuth process that involves the Eloqua Administrator and Demandbase personnel.
To complete this step, a Demandbase Customer Success Manager or Demandbase Project Manager will contact the Eloqua Administrator to:
  • Complete the Eloqua App install process
  • Complete the Eloqua field mappings
  • Complete ABMA testing (Sandbox / Production)
Once the implementation activities have been completed, each client will have the full capability to proceed with the Eloqua data append process at their convenience.
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