Account Based Marketing Automation



The following article is a starting point for implementing your Eloqua instance with Account Based Marketing Automation (ABMA). 
Platform Goals:
  • Enrich and optimize your Contact data
  • Identify companies with the highest potential for growth
  • Accelerate the conversion process with Account Scoring
Getting Started:
As you prepare to get started with your ABMA implementation, we want to make sure the following areas are in place:
Step 1: Access and Deploy your Demandbase Tag
Demandbase products require a small amount of unique javascript code, called a tag, to be placed on your website
  • If the Demandbase Tag is already installed on your website, there is no action required on your part
  • If your Demandbase Tag has not been deployed, or if Demandbase has not seen any website traffic data then you are presented with a link to your Demandbase Tag deployment instructions shown in the screenshot below
  • Alternatively, follow these instructions to find your unique Demandbase Tag deployment code
Step 2: Confirm Eloqua Requirements
To assist in completing the platform pre-requisites, the following information will be needed for your organization:
  • Eloqua Administrator with access to Eloqua data fields
  • Eloqua Administrator with access to the Eloqua Cloud App
  • Eloqua Sandbox / Production instances
  • Confirm minimum software requirement – Eloqua 10
Step 3: Complete Eloqua ABMA Implementation
Eloqua ABMA implementations are completed via a secure oAuth process that involves the Eloqua Administrator and Demandbase personnel.
To complete this step, a Demandbase Customer Success Manager or Demandbase Project Manager will contact the Eloqua Administrator to:
  • Complete the Eloqua App install process
  • Complete the Eloqua field mappings
  • Complete ABMA testing (Sandbox / Production)
Once the implementation activities have been completed, each client will have the full capability to proceed with the Eloqua data append process at their convenience.
View this Quick Steps sheet for details on how to configure the app.
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