How do I create users/login?


Admins can create new users simply by assigning accounts to an email address.

Then, the user can go to and login using that email address to see their new DBSD accounts. The user is prompted to create a password the first time logging in.

How to assign accounts:

Assigning accounts in DBSD is easy. Either assign the accounts one by one in the DBSD UI using the Share/Reassign button:



If you are reassigning an account, note the radio button that must be selected for reassignment:


Also, Admins can use the Download accounts for assignment feature to do it in bulk:

  • Make sure you are viewing the set of accounts that you want to assign.
  • Select Download accounts for assignment in the Download arrow menu in the upper right.
  • Open the downloaded file, enter in the right email address (multiple email addresses can be entered separated by a comma) into column C, save the file as a CSV.
  • Back in DBSD, use the Upload assigned accounts option in the Upload arrow menu to upload your assigned account file.
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