How can I provide feedback on contacts and accounts?


How can I provide feedback when the articles or contact info of an account are way off base?

You can mark a contact as “not useful” by clicking the Usefulness link then clicking hitting No for "Do you want more people like...?"

You can flag incorrect data by clicking Incorrect Data and then selecting the checkbox relevant to the error (ie. "incorrect email"), and then clicking Submit. 

Also, enter into the contact notes field something like “irrelevant talking points.”

And finally, please communicate this feedback directly to your Demandbase CSM!



How can I provide feedback on accounts?

Use the account status drop down (found beneath the account logos in the horizontal slider) to reject an account (default status is New).


Use the account notes and contact notes field to enter in the details. The account-level notes section is found just above Account Activity. And of course, please provide feedback directly to your CSM.






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