Add Additional Dimensions to New eVar

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This document describes how to add an additional eVar to your existing Adobe/Demandbase Data Connector v3.


  1. Access to Adobe Analytics.
  2. Adobe Demandbase Data Connector v3 installed and collecting data. (New installs and v2 follow a different process.)


  1. Select which new eVars you would like to use and enable them:
    • Log into Adobe Analytics
    • Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites.
    • Select a report suite.
    • Click Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Variables.
    • On the Conversion Variables page, click the Expand icon [+] next to the conversion variable you want to modify.
    • Or
    • Click Add New to add an unused eVar to the report suite.
    • Select the conversion variable fields you want to modify.
    • Click Save.
  2. Map provisioned eVars within the Demandbase Data Connector v3.
    • Select the eVars you provisioned to capture the concatenated attributes within the Demandbase Data Connector as shown below.Log into Adobe Analytics
    • Click Admin > Data Connectors
    • Select Configure
    • In the 'Variable Mapping Section', map the eVar created in the above step to the unused Demandbase Custom Dimension Group.
    • Next, in the "Data Settings" section, add the names of the new attributes you would like added.
    • Take a screenshot (IMPORTANT) of how this was setup and provide it to Demandbase Support. The order of the attributes is important as Support will need to setup the configuration file to match the order. This will ensure that the proper data populates the correct dimensions.
  3. Select Demandbase attributes to capture in Demandbase Setup (DBS) (
    • Open a support request and ask for a link to your Demandbase Setup (DBS) account for Adobe Analytics for the purpose of adding a new eVar.
    • Support will provide you a link to your DBS account and will ensure it's setup correctly. 
    • Log in and select 'View Connector' for the integration type of "Adobe" as shown below:
    • Next, click "Edit".
    • From here you can select which data attributes you would like Demandbase to begin passing to the new eVar.
    • Enter the value into the new eVar column and the index of the dimension into the index column.
    • Activate the Dimension by clicking the checkbox
    • Notify support when this is complete. The support team will then implement the change.

Note: Depending upon your implementation, a code change may be required to implement the change on your end. The support engineer will inform you if this is required.

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