What is Site Optimization?

AI-based Site Optimization is a cloud-based solution that automatically recommends personalized content and page links to website visitors (both anonymous or known) with an understanding of who they are and what is most relevant to them. This includes unique account based data about their company and geography as well as their intent and stage of engagement. It optimizes websites by presenting the content and information that each individual visitor is most likely to find interesting as well as increasing the chances of guiding them to a set of goal pages and other high value pages. 


Why Site Optimization?


  1. Optimizes your website by automatically providing your visitors with a personalized experience.
  2. Continually tests website content and recommends the most relevant content uniquely for each visitor.
  3. Leverages an extensive set of account based data and characteristics that are unique to Demandbase including company, industry, geolocation, persona, behavior of users onsite and offsite plus dozens of other parameters.
  4. The AI technology removes the barrier of ongoing, manual analysis of what content should be recommended for what segment of visitors.
  5. Moves beyond basic overall engagement or clicks by driving visitors towards a desired set of marketing goal pages.
  6. Simple to implement with just a few hours of work.

How Does it Work?

Web Personalization learns from historical traffic and behavior to understand what content is consumed by visitors and the paths they take on a website. It typically requires about a month of web traffic to learn how visitors interact with your site and content. As each visitor interacts with your site, their actions are automatically characterized based on their account, industry, time period, type of content viewed, pages visited, previous conversions, and dozen other parameters. Based on this data, the AI technology determines the best content and information is to recommend for that visitor in non-intrusive ribbon on the bottom of the page or pop up box on the side. The recommended content is based on historical patterns, but it also learns and considers what content and pages guide visitors to where you want them to go faster in the future. The ultimate goal is to optimize websites by presenting the content most relevant to each individual, leading to increases in conversion and ultimately revenue.

Management and Control

The solution is completely automated using AI and learns from historical data captured using the Demandbase tag placed on your website. It is completely automated to deliver, learn and optimize on its own. However, manual management and control has been built in and accessed through the following setup steps:


  1. Conversion / Goal Pages: Select high value pages towards which you want the AI to drive visitors. Designate URLs for your important landing pages, product pages and demo pages to increase the recommendations to these pages.
  2. Blacklist pages: Select the pages, subdomains, or directories that you do not want to serve up as recommended content like career pages, support login pages, privacy policy pages, or any other page you want to restrict.
  3. Customization: The look and feel of recommendations can be controlled with built in configuration options and the ability to overlay custom CSS to match the surrounding site.
  4. Testing: Use the Preview Section in the Configuration setup to test the experience for different visitor types before Publishing directly, without any engineering required!
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