Training Center FAQ


Q: What is Demandbase Training Center?

A: It's a self-service training portal designed to help Demandbase customers get up to speed quickly on using Demandbase products. Content includes interactive self-paced eLearning as well as narrated presentations and demos. There is even a collection of Quick Steps that provide easy step-by-step instructions all on one page.

Q: I'm not a Demandbase Customer. Can I access the Training Center?

A: All such requests are handled by our support team on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to gain access to the Training Center, please click Request an Account on the sign in page and a Demandbase representative will contact you regarding your request. 

Q: I am a Demandbase Customer. How do I log in to the Training Center?

A: If you are already logged in to your Demandbase account, when you click the Training Center link from the Demandbase home page, or go to the Training Center URL at, you will automatically be logged in to the Training Center using Single Sign On (SSO). If you are not yet logged into your Demandbase account when you access the Training Center link, you'll be asked to log into your Demandbase account first.

Q: Is there a fee for accessing the Training Center?

A: Any Demandbase customer can access the Training Center and access self-paced online training on how to use Demandbase products at no additional charge. In April 2017 Demandbase also began offering a certification bundle for purchase on the Training Center, priced at US$349 and payable using a credit card or coupon code issued by Demandbase. 

Q: What certifications does Demandbase offer?

A: Currently Demandbase offers an online, self-service certification bundle through the Training Center for ABM Certification: Foundations that includes several interactive eLearning modules and a 1-hour final exam. Starting in April 2017, Demandbase also began offering live workshops for a new certification called ABM Certification: Advanced. Demandbase is considering offering additional certifications, so check back on the Training Center regularly to see what's new.

Q: How do I get help with technical issues using the Training Center?

A: You can click the Help button from within the Training Center, or send an email to

Q: I have a question about a topic in a course on the Training Center--is there a way to get more information from an expert in that particular topic?

A: Yes -- use the Question and Answer link in the Training Center navigation menu to ask your question.

Q: What browser settings should I use for the Training Center?

Adjust your browser settings as follows to ensure everything works smoothly for you in the Training Center such as interactivity within eLearning modules:

  • Cookies: Allow local data to be set.
  • JavaScript: Allow all sites to run JavaScript.
  • Flash: Allow sites to run Flash, OR, Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash.
  • Browser version: Install the most recent version of your browser.


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