Demandbase Personalization Use Cases


Demandbase Personalization may be a potential option for your team if you have simple use cases.

Use cases for Demandbase Personalization:

Simple Segments include single attributes such as:


-Sub Industry

-Company Name 

-Watch List Attribute


(Combining these across each other can cause issues)


Simple Content change examples:

- Changing the hero image based on industry

- Changing the hero text based on sub industry

- Displaying specific product lines if a company is identified on a watch list

- Displaying links to white papers if traffic is identified as an enterprise client


Cases which may not be a fit for Demandbase Personalization:

-Complex Segments


-Creating new elements on a page

-Cases where you are trying to target groups that are not based on standard Demandbase Attributes (ie Continent)

-Trying to personalize on non-Demandbase company attributes (ie browser data - type, location, etc)

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