Demandbase Personalization Use Cases

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Demandbase Personalization may be a potential option for your team if you have simple use cases.

Use cases for Demandbase Personalization:

Simple Segments include single attributes such as:

  • Industry
  • Sub Industry
  • Company Name 
  • Watch List Attribute
  • B2B


Combining these use cases across each other can cause issues.

Simple Content change examples:

  • Changing the hero image based on industry
  • Changing the hero text based on sub industry
  • Displaying specific product lines if a company is identified on a watch list
  • Displaying links to white papers if traffic is identified as an enterprise client

Cases which may not be a fit for Demandbase Personalization:

  • Complex Segments
  • Carousels
  • Creating new elements on a page
  • Cases where you are trying to target groups that are not based on standard Demandbase Attributes (for example, Continent)
  • Trying to personalize on non-Demandbase company attributes (for example, browser data - type, location, etc.)
  • Trying to personalize CSS Pseudo Selectors (::before and ::after). It is quite difficult to use select pseudo selectors even without using our tool. If you still would like to do this, it will need to be done outside of our tool using XML or Javascript.

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