Adobe Connector Deployment

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Systems Used

  • Demandbase scripts
  • Adobe Dynamic Tag Management


This article provides the basic steps for deploying the Demandbase connector for Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target using DTM.

Note: If you are using Adobe Analytics you will need your Demandbase scripts that go in the head and scode. Obtain these scripts from your Demandbase onboarding representative.


Step 1. Create a New Rule

1.1. Add a new Tag in your Adobe DTM dashboard.

1.2. Click Go to Rules when the pop-up appears.

1.3. Select the Page Load Rules section in the left navigation bar.

1.4. Click the Create New Rule button.


Step 2. Set the Conditions

2.1. Name your rule.

2.2. Open up the Conditions section and make sure the rule is set for the Top of Page.


Step 3. Add a New Script

3.1. Open the Javascript / Third Party Tags section and make sure the Sequential Javascript tab is selected.

3.2. Click the Add New Script button.


Step 4. Paste in the Script

4.1. Name the tag.

4.2. Copy and paste your scripts into the black text editor.

In the following script example, [Key] should be replaced with your unique key and [TAG_UID] should be replaced with your unique TAG UID:

var callbackscriptdmdbase = document.createElement("script"); callbackscriptdmdbase.onload = function(){ var apiCalldmdbase = document.createElement("script"); apiCalldmdbase.type = "text/javascript"; apiCalldmdbase.src = "//[KEY]&callback=Dmdbase_CDC.callback"; document.head.appendChild(apiCalldmdbase); }callbackscriptdmdbase.type = "text/javascript"; callbackscriptdmdbase.src = "//[TAG_UID].min.js"; document.head.appendChild(callbackscriptdmdbase); 


Step 5. Save the Rule

Save your rule with the blue button at the bottom. After saving, you will see your Demandbase Tag like the example shown below.


Step 6. Activate the Rule

Select your new rule for your tag and then activate it.


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