Set Up Google Analytics Event Tracking in Site Customization


When you need personalization tracking, use Site Customization to send events into your Google Analytics (GA) reporting suite. This gives you the ability to pivot on additional dimensions within GA for the experiences presented to your segments.

This article explains how to fill in the Track Events fields in Site Customization, and how to view the information in GA.


Note: Event Category, Event Label, and Event Action are completely optional in terms of what you would like to use.  These are field names that GA will pick up once fired, and allow you to pivot on.

Step 1: Set the HTML Element ID

Select an html element from the change actions list to enable the call to GA to attach to.

  • How it works: After the page loads, the personalization will find the element to replace, and once this is personalized, the event will be pushed to GA.
  • Note: At this time one is needed at minimum for the view personalization. Please select the first element you’re personalizing.


Step 2: Enter the Event Category

A category is a name that you supply as a way to group objects that you want to track. Typically, you will use the same category name multiple times over related UI elements that you want to group under a given category.


Step 3: Select the Event Type (Demandbase specific, you will not see this specific input in GA Reporting)

You can choose between two types of events:

  • View: If an experience is viewed, this will trigger a tracked event into GA.
  • Click: Option to attach click events to elements on your page. Still in testing.
  • Suggested type to use: View


Step 4: Enter an Event Label

Use labels to capture additional information for events that you want to track.


Step 5: Enter an Event Action 

Use the action parameter to name the type of event or interaction you want to track for a particular web object.

·       Suggested naming convention: View- {company_name}

·       For more information, see:


Step 6: View Results in GA

To navigate to the events view in GA, on the left hand side select Behavior.  Under Behavior use the Events drop-down to drill down by page and dimensions.




You will see results for all of your Event fields in the Primary Dimensions area of Pages view in GA.




From here, you can pivot on these primary dimensions or add secondary dimensions such as Company Name as you would in you standard reporting from GA.

Additional Notes:

  • You will also see a Demandbase API call but this is not the event tracking, it is a standard API call.
  • GA will not immediately reflect event data in Pages view.  Typically the overview will reflect data first, and the more detail information will follow in additional view options after it has been processed by GA.
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