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Your Guide to Spiderbook & Salesforce


Spiderbook makes it easy to export account and contact data into a clean .csv file, ready for import into Salesforce and other CRM systems. There are three ways to export data from Spiderbook:


  1. Non admin users (also called Leads users) can select the Export to CRM checkbox on individual contacts, and then export those contacts to a .csv file using the Download/Upload


  1. Admin users can export all contacts marked Export to CRM using the Download/Upload
  2. Admin users can export all accounts/contacts in the system using the Download/Upload


Spiderbook customers can utilize any or all of the export methods, depending on what makes sense within their business processes. In this guide you will find step by step instructions for how to export Spiderbook data using each of the methods above.


Here are some common approaches Spiderbook customers take when exporting data from Spiderbook and working with Salesforce:

  • Spiderbook users prospect directly in Spiderbook. When ready to create an opportunity in Salesforce, the user selects Export to CRM for all the relevant contacts, exports the data to .csv, then sends the file to a Salesforce admin for cleansing/de-duping, and importing into Salesforce.
  • Spiderbook users select the top 5 (it can be any number) contacts per account for Export to CRM, then a Spiderbook admin will export all the top contacts at once, cleanse/de-duplicate, then import into Salesforce.
  • An admin will export all accounts/contacts from Spiderbook, cleanse and de-duplicate, then import it into Salesforce.


Some things to think about:

  • Do you want Spiderbook users prospecting primarily in Spiderbook, or primarily in Salesforce, linking through to Spiderbook when necessary?
  • Do you want to import Spiderbook data as leads records or accounts/contacts?
  • How do you want to track that the Salesforce record came from Spiderbook?
    • We recommend creating a campaign for Spiderbook, and a lead source value for Spiderbook in Salesforce.

Remember to create custom fields in Salesforce for the links back to Spiderbook (we provide links in the export file to both the Spiderbook account and the Spiderbook contact).

Admin Users: How to export account and contact data to Salesforce


Non Admin Users: How to export account and contact data to Salesforce








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