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Before Creating A Support Ticket

Pre-Ticket Checklist for Form Data Inquiries:

Exercise Successfully Verified Exercise? Problem Encountered on Step(s) #?
  • Provide Form URL *required
 Provide screenshot  
If nothing alarming comes up and you'd like to run a match with us, submit this data to your CSM.  
Note API Priority here and change if any.  


When Submitting a ticket

Copy and paste the completed table into the ticket. Please note that without a completed table, resolution to your ticket and response may be delayed. If an Exercise doesn't apply to you please leave it blank.

A Lead from Company XYZ doesn't seem to have been identified by Demandbase.

Can you trigger identification before submission for an example company in question?

Often times you can trigger the same company on your own form by doing a simple exercise to prove your integration is working.

  1. Go to the Form page you normally collect data from.
  2. Fill out the fields as you normally would EXCEPT for email use the company you are troubleshooting. For example instead of your own email, type johndoe@asdf.com.
  3. This should populate your hidden fields with asdf company data. To verify, open the console.
    1. Visit the site with the script
    2. Open the console (Command Option J) or Right Click and choose Inspect Element, then click Console.

  4. In the console type: Demandbase.Connectors.WebForm.CompanyProfile
  5. Click the icon before the Object to expand. Observe the asdf company has been identified.
  6. Now that you've identified the same company data is available PRIOR to a submission, you must follow this guide to verify that company data is actually sent to you at the time of submission. Follow Guide here: https://support.demandbase.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000166783--Form-Troubleshooting-Issues#form_submitting_data
  7. If you followed all the steps above successfully chances are you're experiencing an end-user problem. Your johndoe@asdf.com is probably using an ad-blocker which can prevent Demandbase from running. Feel free to complete the pre-ticket checklist and we can double check if you prefer.

What is the identification "rate" / "match-rate"?

Demandbase doesn't really have a match-rate per se. The idea that we match at a certain rate is a bit misleading because the QUANTITY of Demandbase data identifying your leads is as good as the QUALITY of data given to Demandbase. Quality leads provide company data in some form or fashion because they want to be contacted and are genuinely interested in the subject. The opposite is true for leads that provide little to nothing about themselves in which case we can't really call them a lead since they 'lead' us to nowhere.

So before we go down the rabbit hole of data discrepancy let's talk some numbers:

  1. How many forms is Demandbase deployed on? In order to understand the breadth of the issue we need to look at deployment. Is it possible for example that 2 forms on separate pages are identical because of their master templates but one doesn't have Demandbase on it? This can skew your data.
  2. Observing a Demandbase-Enabled Form:
    1. What are your total form submissions regardless of Demandbase matching?
    2. Of total from #1, identify the submissions that had a valid COMPANY email address.
    3. Of total from #1, identify the submissions that had a Demandbase match, typically filter submissions that had a Demandbase SID or Marketing_Alias field.
    4. Does #2 & #3 come close? By How much? 
    5. The difference between 2 & 3 can vary for example when you have a lot of SMB companies filling your forms we won't identify as many as we'd like due to the nature of SMB's changing structure frequently.
  3. You've now identified a percentage of your submissions matched by Demandbase based on the quality of data provided through the company emails or company IP's. Submit this data along with your form submission data to your CSM and they can run an internal match to light up any dark spots you may have missed for some reason.

API Priority - Understanding Company Data vs User Data

Do you have the desired API Priority configured on your forms?

Depending on the API priority configuration you will receive different kinds of data on form submissions. Sometimes a user enters a company that is different than the automatic identification that Demandbase performs. This is not totally unexpected because API priority dictates which data set to use at the time of submission.

As explained in Understanding Visitor Identification, Demandbase returns firmographic information using three APIs: IP, Domain, and Company Autocomplete.

The Company Profile that Demandbase returns to the Form Connector, however, will choose only one of the API return values. The Company Profile value is determined by the Form Connector's API priority order.

The default API priority order is Domain API -> IP API -> Company Autocomplete API. This means that if all three APIs identify the visitor, the Demandbase Forms Connector will use the information returned by the Domain API. Likewise, if the IP API and Company Autocomplete APIs return data, but the Domain API does not, the Forms Connector will use the information returned by the IP API.

There are great articles and 2 demos for you to play with to have a better understanding:

Please Read: Understanding Visitor Identification

Identify your current API priority

    1. Browse to a Demandbase-Enabled form on your site.
    2. The Demandbase Form should've attached to the form. Open the console by Right Click, Inspect Element and select the Console tab.
    3. In the Console Type Demandbase.Connectors.WebForm.priorityMap 
    4. Observe the Priority Map as demonstrated below and take note of it. 3 is the HIGHEST and 1 is the LOWEST which means Domain will override IP data in the form below.



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