Company Attribute Mismatch Issues Checklist

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Occasionally you may find a company's attribute doesn't match what you'd expect. For example, a fairly small company XYZ within Software & Tech is one of your customers / target accounts. Your team knows the company well but Demandbase technology may not have the right value for Revenue Range as those numbers change frequently with SMB's. 

Before Creating A Support Ticket

Before creating a support ticket, fill in the following checklist for Company Attribute Mismatch Issues:

Exercise Data

Provide Your Demandbase data:

  • Company Name(s)
  • Demandbase ID(s)
  • IP Address(es)

Provide your expected data:

  • Expected industry, revenue, etc.

Provide the system name (Google, Marketo, etc.)


Provide the URL if a Form related issue


When Submitting a Support Ticket

Copy and paste the completed table into the ticket. Please note that without a completed table, resolution to your ticket and response may be delayed. If an Exercise doesn't apply to you please leave it blank.

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