Company Attribute Mismatch


Occasionally you may find a company's attribute doesn't match what you'd expect. For example, a fairly small company XYZ within Software & Tech is one of your customers / target accounts. Your team knows the company well but Demandbase technology may not have yet the right value for Revenue Range as those numbers change frequently with SMB's. Obviously there are needles in the haystack of data but we update our data monthly and do our best to stay current, so we'll gladly update valid data points on your behalf.

Before Creating A Support Ticket

Pre-Ticket Checklist for Data Mismatches

Exercise Data
  • Provide Your Demandbase data
    • Company Name(s),
    • Demandbase SID(s)
    • IP address(es)
  • Provide Your Expected data
    • Expected industry, revenue etc
  • Provide the system name (Google, Marketo, etc)
  • Provide URL if Form related issue


When Submitting a ticket

Copy paste the completed table into the ticket. Please note that without a completed table, resolution to your ticket and response may be delayed.

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