(Adobe Analytics Batch-Connector) - High Unspecified, Data related issues


Before Creating A Support Ticket

Pre-Ticket Checklist for Adobe Analytics Customer Attributes Data Inquiries:

Exercise Successfully Verified Exercise? Problem Encountered on Step(s) #?
 Note report suite name here  
 Note the percentage here  


When Submitting a ticket

Copy paste the completed table into the ticket. Please note that without a completed table, resolution to your ticket and response may be delayed.

Is the Data Connector Configured Correctly?

Before looking at any further details, you'll want to confirm that you have the attributes set up properly in your Adobe Analytics instance. To do this, you'll need to login to the AA instance, hover over the Admin tab of the top navigation pane, and then click Data Connectors in the drop-down. Click into the Data Connector with the Demandbase CA image if there are multiple data connectors already set up.

Note: The Server-Side connector has this name: Demandbase CA

When you've reached the Data Connector setup page, you'll want to confirm the attributes in the List of Customer Attributes section. Make sure that these attributes are:

  1. Spelled correctly according to Demandbase API names and that they are
  2. Comma separated, with no spaces after the commas.
  3. The order of the attributes should match the order of they are listed in the SCHEMA File. See Instructions for CAS
  4. Other configurations to confirm here are:
    1. Having the correct Demandbase API key.
    2. Using the correct FTP setup. The FTP host, username, and password will vary depending on the client, but they need to be correct in order for the data to show up in the client's Adobe Analytics instance.
  5. The report suite name matches your report.

Is there data loss (a high number of None/Unspecified data)?

Once you've confirmed that the setup is correct, the next step is to examine the data. Typically, the biggest issue with the data is data loss, where high amounts of None or Unspecified shows up in the data. To determine whether this is the issue, you need to look at the data over a longer period of time and see if the % of None or Unspecified has gone up over time. To create a report in Adobe, you'll have to:


  • 1) Select a report for one of your attributes.
  • 2) Select a proper date range that aligns with your deployment date.
  • 3) Change the Report Type to Trended from Ranked, and
  • 4) Use an advanced filter to only display None and Unspecified data. If you notice that data loss is occurring, you will need to create a Support ticket for them to investigate further.



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