(Google Analytics) - Data Issues, Low/No identifications


Before Creating A Support Ticket

Pre-Ticket Checklist for Google Analytics Data Inquiries:

Exercise Successfully Verified Exercise? Problem Encountered on Step(s) #?
Note Property ID here  
Note the percentage here  


When Submitting a ticket

Copy paste the completed table into the ticket. Please note that without a completed table, resolution to your ticket and response may be delayed.


What data is being sent to what GA property

  1. Using the GA debugger confirm if/what data is being sent to GA.
  2. Confirm the data is going to the right property.

What attributes are set up in the field map?

  1. Visit the customer’s site.
  2. Open the console (Command Option J) or right click inspect element then Console tab.


3. Go to the Sources tab.

4. Drill into scripts.demandbase.com and click the first file (Note: Each customer’s file will be unique but it should be a combination of 8 numbers and letters).

5. Press the curly bracket option {}.

6. Under analytics you’ll see a field map that lists the attributes and the custom dimensions we’re sending the data to.

How Many Google Analytics Properties are on a page?

  1. Visit the customer’s site.
  2. Open the console (Command Option J) and make sure the window is set to top.


3. Copy and paste the code in the link here into the console (next to the blue arrow).

4. Press Enter and the return result will be what properties are on the page. 

What is the Audience None?

  1. Navigate to the knowledge base article here for the steps to build an Audience None segment.
  2. We expect the audience none to be below 30%.
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