Demandbase Beta Release Process

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The Demandbase beta release process allows us to release and iterate on products more quickly while getting feedback from real usage by our customers. Products or features made available in beta releases exceed our expectation for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and don't have any critical issues.

Key details for beta releases:

  • Products or features in beta releases are considered production-ready software that we want to iterate on alongside our customers. There may still be non-critical bugs, but generally speaking, we think of beta as delivering meaningful value for our customers.
  • We make beta releases available to a limited number of customers. This allows us to iterate and take feedback in a more controlled manner.
  • Products or features in beta releases are under active development. They are subject to greater risk of outages and issues and are not subject to our standard SLAs.
  • All beta releases have success criteria defined by Demandbase.
  • Products or features in beta releases will be made available to all customers after meeting their defined success criteria.
  • Documentation for beta releases will not be available in the Demandbase Help Center.
  • Support will not be available according to existing SLAs for beta releases, but our product and account teams can assist with questions or issues.

If you’re interested in participating in our current and future beta releases, reach out to your CSM for additional information.

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